Childrens Classes

Childrens Meditation Classes

Downloadable Resources:

Childrens meditation class LESSON PLANS
Lamrim Initial Scope Lesson Plans click here
Lamrim Intermediate Scope Lesson Plans click here
Lamrim Great Scope Lesson Plans click here
Giving Lesson Plans click here
Moral Discipline Lesson Plans click here
Patience Lesson Plans click here
Effort Lesson Plans click here
Concentration Lesson Plans click here
Wisdom Lesson Plans click here

STORIES that could be used in childrens classes

The man with the big fish story click here
Tickle the tortoise story click here
Twinkle the turtle story click here
The two swans story click here
Angry old woman story click here
1000 sons story story click here
Sumati samudra story click here
Lam Chung story click here
Dignaga story click here
Anguilimala story click here
Miserly treasurer story click here
The hare and the moon story click here
Great Ape story click here
Foolish timid rabbit story click here
5 lineages of Dorje Shugden story click here
Blind Turtle story click here
Quarreling Quails story click here
Hidden Treasure story click here
Delightful story click here
Captain Goodluck story click here
Wise monkey and the water monster story click here

Childrens Meditation Classes

– For older childrens stories go to the teenagers page and see the stories there.

Ideas for ACTIVITIES you could do in any childrens classes
pdf of ideas click here

Plenty of ideas for fun GAMES that can be used as part of childrens classes and events
Circle games click here
Many other games click here

Example of a general risk assessment for childrens activities
Risk Assessment pdf document click here

This advice is just guidelines to help, nothing is fixed and everything needs to be flexible.

Hints and tips

Childrens Meditation Classes

One of the main things is that you need to be flexible. There is no set structure or way of doing a childrens class.
You need to get to know your group over time and adjust it according to the way they love it and also what your strengths are (maybe you are very good at art, or games or stories or drama, etc. Use 

those strengths.).

Some parents/guardians may feel they want to be in the class with their child. It’s your decision whether you want to run the class like this.
It usually makes it much more difficult for the child to concentrate and be open to the ideas and activities of the class. Also it may be difficult once you start having the adults in the class to then

 stop having it like this, because people get used to it.

• Maybe good, if you can, to do the class at the same time as an adult’s class, so that the parents/guardians can do a class too, and don’t have to wait around and do nothing whilst the class is taking place. You can advertise this fact on the flyers. Also adults can come to that adults class who don’t have children.

It seems a good idea if you are running an adults class at the same time for the parents/guardians, to have both classes based on the same teaching. Then we can greatly encourage in both classes to discuss with each other what the others were doing, how they felt, what they discovered, etc.

Is there anything we should not teach in a childrens class?
In this respect, it is the same as an adults class, i.e. building up to more advanced topics over time.

Is it ok to do Buddhist things (prostrations, offerings, etc.)?
Yes, generally it is fine, and the parents usually expect it.

Children love the challenge of recall and remembering previous teachings and previous points made.

Childrens Meditation Classes

The children are very close to their last life and if they did meditation or Buddhism, they can now carry it on easily.

In British society and families are used to religious things being done on Sunday morning, e.g. Sunday School. So maybe that is a good time for the class.
Also they are used to having after school clubs, so this might be another option.

• The official line from the DBS (Data and Barring Service, previously called CRB, Criminal Record Bureau check) is that it is not essential to have a DBS check because we are volunteers.
However it is very good practice and should be done as standard.
People are inquiring about this and expecting it more and more. And you can put this on the publicity to make it look more professional.
You can use DBS checks from other jobs. DBS checks do not go out of date, but always try and use the most recent one.
Keep a photocopy of the most recent DBS check for each person in the office.
If you don’t have one at all, there are plenty of good, cheap, fast and efficient companies that can do them now.

Almost essential to have an Assistant for the childrens class.

Age range? Could advertise with the wording ‘Most suitable for ages 6 – 12’. (5 year olds or younger usually struggle to keep attention and to understand, and they can be quite disruptive. 13+ year olds struggle to not get too bored by the pace of the younger ones.)

The parents are responsible for their children the entire time at the Centre, and this can be put on the publicity.

Childrens Meditation Classes

What prayers should we use if any? This is up to you. Liberating Prayer or none, depending upon the group. It’s important that no one feels like they are forced into anything though.

Costs. May need one cost for a child in the childrens class.
Another cost for an adult to come in with their child (usually free).
Another cost for an adult in the adult class.
And another cost for if an older child wishes to go into the adult class.
Whatever you choose, but it needs to be clear.

Preparing for the class

Teacher needs to prepare in the normal way for a regular GP.

Snacks and drinks could be prepared beforehand. Children are usually very hungry after school and will love you for giving them food! Good to have not too sugary snacks, e.g. raisins, fruit, grapes.

Covers could be put on chairs before hand and any delicate items stored away. Some parents are so worried that their children will break or wreck something that they wont bring them, so we can try to minimise that possibility.

Plenty of drawing, colouring and art and craft equipment needs to be brought and prepared.

Childrens Meditation Classes

Could try not having any cushions or chairs, children often wriggle like crazy and get put off by them.

Good to have a simple shrine set up.

• Could have the assistant help the children who arrive early do the water offerings if they are comfortable and familiar with this.


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