Family Break Events

Family Break WeekendWhen planning a large scale family break weekend, the main thing to help you is having a clear timetable of events, everything else fits in to this.

An example timetable is available, click here to download it.

For an example of a general risk assessment for childrens activties click here.

Another main consideration is the strengths of the people you have in your team to run the event. Work to these strengths, use the skills that these people have.
Because it is quite a large event you will need teams of people in each area:

catering (main meals and refreshments), the meals need to be very child friendly. If children don’t eat, they don’t have fun!



It is nice to have a theme for the weekend, with activities and meditations based on this theme.
Possible themes are:


Compassion and wisdom

Family Break WeekendA warm heart

Overcoming anger

Getting to know the Buddhas

You will need to decide on the age range you want to do the event for.
Experience has shown that childrens classes generally are best suited to ages 6 – 12.
But then you want to aim for younger, or have it more geared towards teenagers.
It will also depend on the skills of the people you have running the course.

As a general idea of structure it seems to work to have a little play put on as part of the introduction on the Friday evening. This sets the scene for the weekend and shows them that they will be having lots of fun with adults who don’t mind doing embarrassing things!

Family Break WeekendAbove all, have fun!

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