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BuddhaTeaching Buddhism in School has incredible benefits for the pupils and the school as a whole.
The children can learn how to overcome their stress, worry and anger and learn to become more peaceful and kind.
Buddhism can play a huge role in increasing the standards and enjoyment of all other lessons.

This curriculum for Buddhism, which is free to download (see bottom of this page), has been created for you to help deliver lessons on Buddhism that are:

• Engaging, a range of teaching and learning styles have been used.

• Relevant, it is presented in a way that children can understand how it works
in people’s daily life, it is not just in some far distant land that
doesn’t seem to be anything to do with us.

• Accurate, the material has been compiled by practising Buddhists,
so you can be completely confident that it is authentic.

• Easy, everything has been provided, all the resources,
all the cross curricular references, vocab and assessment

• and above all fun and interesting.

Buddhism in SchoolsSixteen lessons have been prepared that encompass the main points of Buddhism.
Obviously if you have less time you can pick and choose from the lessons to take
from it what you would like to focus on.
The lessons are adaptable and the themes and topics you are covering elsewhere in
school can easily be incorporated.

Full support can be provided, answering any questions you have or any help you need.


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Buddhism in SchoolsFree Downloadable resources:

To download the curriculum click here

Below is all the resources to download that go with the lessons in the curriculum:
Emotion Graph example session 1 click here
Diamond 6 example what makes me happy ideas session 2 click here
Diamond 6 example what makes me happy ideas blank session 2 click here
matching memory card session 2 click here
Script for guiding a meditation session 2 click here
Simple Shrine picture session 3 click here
Simple and elaborate shrine picture session 3 click here
Example of an elaborate shrine picture session 3 click here
Picture of Buddha Shakyamuni session 3 click here
Buddha Shakyamuni outline image to colour in session 3 click here
Picture of extensive offerings on a Buddhist Shrine session 4 click here
Origami offering bowl session 4 click here
Karma Cartoon example session 5 click here
Karma cartoon blank templates session 5 click here
Who is Buddhist pictures and explanations session 6 click here
A group of Monks and Nuns who have just got ordained session 6 click here
Auspicious Symbols with explanations session 7 click here
Anotate Buddha Shakyamuni worksheet session 7 click here
Anotate Buddha Shakyamuni worksheet SIMPLER version session 7 click here
Example of 4 Noble Truths flow chart session 8 click here
4 Noble Truths flow chart BLANK session 8 click here
4 Noble Truths flow chart EASIER BLANK session 8 click here
What happens when we die possible answer slips session 9 click here
wheel of life picture session 10 click here
wheel of life line drawing session 10 click here
Wheel of life annotated session 10 click here
SWOT Analysis sheet blank session 11 click here
thinking feeling saying sheet session 11 click here
venn diagram 2 cirlces blank session 14 click here
venn diagram 3 circles blank session 14 click here
Blank jigsaw pieces session 16 click here
Jigsaw for main points of Buddhism session 16 click here

To download a sheet explaining what further material there is available click here

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